McKinley School

McKinley School, with faculty and students, 1929. (Click to enlarge.)

McKinley School, with faculty and students, 1929. (Click to enlarge.)

The “First Lady” of our Schools

It all began just after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco when Burlingame’s population skyrocketed from about 200 residents before the quake, to around 1000 in 1907. At that time, the children of Burlingame were schooled through the county at the Burlingame School on Peninsula Avenue and County Road (El Camino). Burlingame School was built in 1906 and later changed its name to Peninsula Avenue Schools. The residents of Burlingame, however, were not satisfied with a county school and wanted a school they could call their own.

In 1911 Burlingame residents voted on approving the school district and began plans to build a permanent school and well-known architect William H. Weeks was hired to design the school. During the construction a temporary 8-room schoolhouse was built in 1912 on Howard and Primrose called “the little red schoolhouse.”

In September 1913 the first permanent Burlingame School was ready to open its doors to the children of Burlingame. It was located on the corner of Oak Grove and Grange (now Paloma Avenue) and called Burlingame Grammar School. The brick exterior and stunning detail was a fine example of Week’s designs of the times. Columns adorned the front of the school, which became a trademark of Week’s architecture.

McKinley has always been a vibrant school … in the early 20’s there were cookbook sales, Fathers Clubs events, operettas and plays and, of course, many of these traditions are still carried out today.

McKinley celebrated its Centennial on Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 2013, with a festival on the school grounds.

Here are several of the MEMORIES that students of McKinley, and of some of the other Burlingame Schools, recorded in September!

Some of the many memories collected at the BURLINGAME SCHOOL DISTRICT CENTENNIAL – September 22, 2013
Richard Terrones (architect)
I remember replacing McKinley’s roof and thinking we solved all of her leaking problems…boy were we wrong!  Thousands of bricks later, and months of working with the contractor, I think we’ve finally solved it!  Happy Birthday McKinley – we hope you love your facelift!
Shirley Castle
Started kindergarten in 1940 when 4 years 9 months old.
 When Miss Mayberry chose her classroom while the school was being built, since there were no stairs to class room yet, she walked up a plank from the young children’s playground.    This was the classroom she had the entire time she was teaching.
Miss Mayberry  was my 1st grade teacher in 1941.  By young children’s playground.  She gave a play every year – Madam Butterfly, then Hansel and Gretel.
She said she wanted to be a “Blue Ferry” had to practice my lines.  Bobby Biggs climbed out of the window sill and climbed out back.
She retired, but then was asked to come back to teach since she was needed due to WWII.  She named the different reading groups by birds e.g. bluebirds.
Doug Judd
I remember going to the Burlingame station with coworkers and eventually moving to this beautiful town with my soon-to-be wife.
Maria (Mandilla) Worthge
old man falling on sidewalk while on crossing guard duty, monkey bars and cherry drops on cement, walking on the wall, playing ice hockey in gym, Mrs. Bouquet, Mr. Kabran, milk money, softball field, flag football for girls
Sandra Basurt Class of 1976
(attended K-6)-crossing guard duty, after school sports, the playstructure out in the front on the school, learned how to rapel from the top with Mr. Burns, Field Day – President’s Physical Fitness, Teachers: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Iosef, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Bouquet, Mrs. Chialocheap, Mr. Labrum, Principal Mr. Jasperson, Librarian Mr. Stidham
Marilyn Canon (Anderson) Class of 1953
 was the “last” and the “first”.  We attended McKinley for all but the last 2 months when we were sent to the “unfinished” BIS.
GENERAL MEMORIES (mostly about McKinley)
Halloween parades and bonfires in the school  (McKinley student 1936-1939)
One of my favorite memories from McKinley is probably every day when I come here and see the best teachers (Mr. Moon, Ms. Cruz, Ms. Hackett, Ms. Carreira, Ms. Tarango).
Hopscotch in the playground with my girlfriends and playing games like jump rope and money bars.
I remember when Burlingame Ave. had a resident animal in a restaurant.  The parrot in La Piñata.
Tom Chase – 1st president at Burlingame Intermediate.
I went to McKinley…I remember Principal Mr. Jasperson being threatened by a knife wielding man on the playground.
Kindergarten with Mrs. Statts and 1st grade with Miss Johnson in the 70s.  Thanks for the party!
walking to Baskin Robbins as a child on B’game Ave.
When my oldest son with halfway through his kindergarten year…learning Spanish.  He was suddenly very worried that I couldn’t speak Spanish because…”What is going to happen when I speak Spanish and cannot speak English anymore?”  (I guess we should have explained to him that he would still understand English.)
A really nice trip to the science academy!
weird airplane, army helicopters, the academy of science
Entering school, my teacher, playing soccer
When my teacher blew up the glove
playing outside, having fun
My favorite memory is when McKinley Harvest Festival-the Haunted House
When I made my first friend Kate
eating cake now and playing on the playground
Christmas parade
playing on the playground and having a good time
playing tag
meeting my best friend on the first day of school
I went to a festival
When I first moved to CA!
Playing at Washinton Park
Learning ÷
When I met Alex my friend when I went to the zoo in 2009.
When I graduated from 5th grade.
playing baseball with my friends after school and eating snacks from my back pack
Making food friends and going to the Gold Rush (field trip).
Playing soccer on the grass
How much I learned
I like to play
fell asleep during school
Haunted House and Harvest Festival 2007
When I stayed and didn’t went to the Gold Rush and stayed and played games.
Going to Outdoor Ed
When I first lived in Burlingame and I was born in Burlingame
My memory from school is playing kickball.
My rainy day field trip to the zoo with Ms. Hackett
My favorite memory is starting McKinley!
Haciendo fútbol.  Yo le gusta hacer fútbol.  (I like to play soccer.)
Going to the Giants stadium with Mr. Moon.
playing with friend at the playground
My best memory was the Harvest Festival.
I will always remember that I like my home town Burlingame and the park that I played when I was a little boy.
My first day in McKinley because I was new to the school and I was in the 5th grade.  I meet a lot of new friends and teachers.
7 years old- Playdates with all of my special Burlingame friends.  Dinner with grandma and grandpa downtown.
When I met my first teacher.
playing tag with my friend.
Getting the alligator prize from the Innisbrook (selling the most gift).
Harvest Festival, fun with friends
My friends!!!
When one of my teachers spilled glitter glue all over herself.
I loved the Biography Tea from both the 4th and 5th grades.  It was Awesome.
Going to Gold Country with my mom.
I liked the memory of when I became a student coach.
coming to school I was excited, playing kickball
I remember being in the Pet Parade.  I was a monkey.  Our theme was “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.
Learning to read and write.
Mrs. Rozakos leaving
When I went to a water park
I like the garden.
I remember I had a parade and I was a  mouse and did so much more.
I remember that I was doing numbers at my class (in kindergarten).
Playing soccer with Mr. Moon (my 5th grade teacher).
when I went to the Harvest Festival
First started school, my teacher
I like my teacher (Miss M) because she is nice.
Joining a school Girl Scouts troop, the Chili Cook-off, and all the field trips
 Girl Scouts  World Thinking Day 2013
I learned how to play basketball from my PE teacher.
Regan-Graduating Lincoln and meeting everyone at BIS
Kasen– My favorite school memory is field day at Lincoln because we get to play fun games.
Ethan– I attend Washington Elementary and I love it because I have fun learning and making new friends in the neighborhood.
 Moonbeam Fairies Performing "Princess Chrysanthemum" at the Burlingame Woman's Club on Park Road in 1914

Moonbeam Fairies Performing “Princess Chrysanthemum” at the Burlingame Woman’s Club on Park Road in 1914

McKinley Cookbook cover c. 1915

McKinley Cookbook cover c. 1915

Orchestra c.1925Orchestra c.1925

Undated Spanish fest at McKinley

Undated Spanish fest at McKinley

Class photo sometime in the 1950's.

Class photo sometime in the 1950’s.

7th grade. c. 1928

7th grade. c. 1928

McKinley School c. 1938

McKinley School c. 1938

McKinley 1970s

Working to plant and beautify the grounds. c.1970’s.

McKinley 1917

Posing for a class photo in bows and ties. c. 1917

McKinley inside classroom 1950s

Inside a classroom sometime in the 1950’s.

Dedication Day c. 1013.

Dedication Day c. 1913.

Mary Mayberry 1929

Mary Mayberry 1929

Ms. Mayberry dog show

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4 Responses to McKinley School

  1. Picture of class, “sometime in the 1950’s” have students who graduated with me in 1950. Girl directly below horses hoof is Dale Cullen; Peter Umland at the radio; Principal Henson and teacher Mrs MacLaughlin on the left.

  2. Patricia Brandvein (Rooks) says:

    I started kindergarten at McKinley school in 1948…I loved my school…then went to 7th grade the first year of Burlingame Intermediate.
    I love Burlingame a wonderful place to grow up in…My name was Patricia Ann Rooks…
    My sister was 4 years older so I had most of her teachers as I went along behind her… Her name was Barbara Louise Rooks

  3. Dave Simpson says:

    I attended Mc Kinley school from 1955. to 1961 ( K to 6 ) and can recall many memories from there. We used to have a mayday dance for all the parents in the yard each year. Participation was mandatory! You were pretty well bullied by the teachers to perform well. Great times were Christmas when we had the local fireman, Red Duffy, play Santa Claus. He would walk down the hallways in school ringing sleigh bells and come into every class room to pass out candy canes to all us kids. He was also the Santa that came in on the fire engine every year for the tree lighting by city hall. We had valentines day where we had to have cards for all the other kids in our class and had candy and cupcakes. Halloween night was great too. We would have a fair in the auditorium with all kinds of games and prizes for the kids and their families. Then all go to the cafeteria below to have a dinner. We had a lady cook there that had come from some restaurant background who cooked some of the best food. As kids there, we all looked at the calendar posted there to see what day the next fried chicken or spaghetti lunch was coming. I can remember it today. They still had corporal punishment in those days. If you were really bad you got paddled. It tool place in the basement by the boiler room because you could hear it through out the school. I remember a boy Key Rubio who got paddled. You could hear the wacks and the crying. After, we all asked him how bad it was and he said “Ah, it was nothing, I didn’t feel a thing” but we all knew better. The ‘better’ kids got to be crossing guards at corners near by. I think I was one for 1 or 2 years.

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