Military Wartime Deaths of Burlingame Residents

The Burlingame Historical Society undertook a research project in 2013 to identify the town’s war memorials and then to identify names of those who died in military activities during war. The research identified over forty townsmen who were lost in Vietnam, the Korean war, the Second World War, and the First World War. We assume that more were lost than are on this list. This list provides a place for their sacrifice to be honored as they are discovered. (updated version, Feb. 2015… link to PDF)Casualties of War 6 Feb 2015 re edit draft update

Special thanks to volunteer researcher Lee Livingston for the ongoing research of this topic.

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2 Responses to Military Wartime Deaths of Burlingame Residents

  1. Ed mccolgan says:

    The most moving memory of all. These were the true heroes of burlingame and our country.

  2. Moni says:

    This was a lovely bloog post

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