VICTORIAN DAYS walking tours in Burlingame

Victorian Day tour 2014

August 2, 2015 1pm Choose between one of two tours offered, both are free of charge and start at 1pm. The first tour meets at 1pm the Burlingame Avenue Railroad Station (290 California Dr.) and describes the three-decade growth of Burlingame Avenue, from wealthy equestrian playground in 1895 to a bustling suburb. The second tour option will meet at 1pm at the Wells Fargo building (1145 Broadway) and explore the growth of the Town of Easton, addressing why Burlingame has two main business streets, why Broadway has an arch and other interesting tidbits. Tours are approx. 1 hour. Enjoy our museum afterwards (open 1-4pm, Burlingame Ave. Railroad Station). No reservations required. Just show up by 1pm (in costume, if you’d like!). Children welcome. Call Jennifer Pfaff at 340-9960 for any questions.

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