Progress in the El Camino Tree saga

After what has seemed like years, it looks as if the City of Burlingame through its Public Works Director Syed Murtuza has negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Caltrans officials to pilot a 36 month (update: in June 2016, Sacramento Dept. of Transportation insisted on an amended MOU, reducing the time-frame of the pilot program from 36-to 18 months) program to assess the effectiveness of a No Left turn, southbound from El Camino Real at Floribunda at reducing accidents at the intersection. There are other components of the MOU arrangement that are meant to look holistically at the entire highway infrastructure, as well. Thank you to all of our members and others who have taken the time to write letters to Burlingame, as well as Caltrans and the State Office of Historic Preservation with regard to this issue. You have made a difference and are now a part of the history of Burlingame’s magnificent Grove.

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