Anson Burlingame Bust Unveiled in Library

On Friday, November 16, 2018, we helped unveil the new Anson Burlingame bust and local history area in the Burlingame library. We created a new exhibit for the event– “Anson Burlingame: The California Connection”, that is on loan to the library and located near the bust. The evening also introduced the Burlingame Foundation, that will award a prize each year to the person who best represents the values of Burlingame in encouraging east-west dialogue and cooperation. The bust project was spearheaded by Mayor Brownrigg, Dr. David Chai, George Koo and others who have worked tirelessly over the past several years to educate the public about Anson Burlingame’s legacy and accomplishments that remain very relevant today. Pictured in front of the newly created bust are Historical Society President, Jennifer Pfaff (center) are artist Zhou Limin (at right) and Dr. David Chai (at left). To learn more about Anson Burlingame, go to the Burlingame Public Library webpage:
Hover your cursor over ABOUT at the top of page then click HISTORY toward the bottom again hover cursor over the word HISTORY on the left side of page — then click Anson Burlingame or Anson Burlingame Historical Pages

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