What’s Your Story?

A look back at what life was like in Burlingame via members of the Burlingame Historical Society reading passages from several sources as inspiration

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1 Response to What’s Your Story?

  1. Ron Sherrin says:

    So many memories to comment on but being a Burlingame kid in the 60’s was a time of freedom to roam and discover. For me there was no better place than the RR tracks along California Drive. Whether it was the stretch between Broadway and Millbrae Avenue, or the segment between Broadway and Oak Grove, that was often my favorite place to hang out. Toads, lizards, minnows, and rocks. There were never any adults, and not many other kids, and no one told us to leave! When Northpark was being built we played and played in the construction zone. I remember playing in the large field before the project began in the mid 60’s. It was an innocent time to be a kid @ Coolidge Elementary School.

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