Burlingame. It’s a Small Town.

Check out a podcast that features interviews with Burlingame residents and business people hosted by longtime resident Mark Lucchesi. This episode features John Horgan. But here is a link to all the episodes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_-9wXQ6TkE1-BGal6c5Qg

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2 Responses to Burlingame. It’s a Small Town.

  1. Joe Lanam says:

    Mark: TWO longtime best friends, in their late 60’s, Matt Obrien and Henk VanArkel, who have grown up in Burlingame with extensive knowledge of the history of Burlingame and many of it’s residents would be a great duo to have on your show.
    Henk can be reached at 1 650 302-1986. Their incredible memories, sense of humor and story telling would be very entertaining. Joe Lanam 650 703-0758

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