Burlingame Drive-In Monument installed

October 2022-

What is now the META site was filled in the mid- to late 1960s by the Anza-Pacific Corporation out of illegal fill placed into the Bay that formed a roughly 146-acre peninsula, part of which became a 2-screen drive-in facility. The theatre facility opened at 350 Beach Road in 1965. Structures were designed by prolific architect Vincent G. Raney; one side was named the Burlingame Drive-In and the other side was named the Peninsula Drive-In. Eventually the whole complex was renamed Burlingame Drive-In Theatre. Many longtime residents have fond memories of escapades with friends and family at the Burlingame Drive-in during its nearly 50-year run in Burlingame. After several attempts to redevelop the site throughout the 1990s, Burlingame Drive-in closed in 2001 and its structures were demolished in 2002. 

The Society is grateful for the City of Burlingame Community Grant that helped to make our vision a reality, and in particular, to the Dept. of Public Works staff without whom the project would not have been possible.

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