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8 Responses to Archived newsletters through 2021

  1. Barbara Harris says:

    I am looking for a car dealership that was in 1920-1928. I believe it might of been own by a Harry or Rolla Harrison. It could of been an Chysler or Plymouth dealership. I am not really sure. I am doing a ancestry search. for my grandfather who I never new.

    • burlingamehistory says:

      Dear Barbara, you might want to try the old City Directories for Burlingame, several of which are online. Just google, then click “databases”, next click on “City Directories”. You will see some for Burlingame, and some of the old city directories contained fairly organized “classified” sections, though sometimes they were not called as such. You will need to click through the businesses to try and find the correct one. Sometimes, the owner was even notated next to the business listing, so you may get lucky, but it will take some time. Good luck!

  2. Steve Mink says:

    Do you have any history on the early art festivals held on the front grounds of BHS in the 1969-71 era?

    • You may be talking about “Burlingame Days” that seem to have morphed into Art in the Park in the 1970s and beyond (?). I wish we had a good history of those, beyond peoples’ memories. There were events from Burlingame Days, for example, “Miss Burlingame” contest, that went for years, and that were related to the San Mateo Fair activities, too. I get the impression Miss Burlingame was a Chamber of Commerce event. There were also early parades related to Burlingame Days, as well as late night sales, where the stores in the shopping district stayed open until 9pm (not the norm back in the day). But as far as the history of Art in the Park, I am not really sure what the catalyst was, though in the early days (as you may know) the Recreation Dept. had a big job, just managing it. Not that long ago, the event got handed over to an events company, and that changed it quite a bit. In the early days, it seemed as if there were many more home-grown booths, artisans, music, etc. I do recall a really gifted family that put on a puppet show each year. Sorry but that is all I really know.

      • Juergen Pfaff says:

        It turns out that “Burlingame Days” including things like a parade, and also Art in the Park, which seemed to live beyond Burlingame Days. The parade disappeared, only to reappear in Pet form, decades later.

  3. Nichola says:

    I am doing some family history research.. is there anywhere I can find yearbooks or class photos from McKinley Grammar school between 1926-1932?
    Thanks for any help!!

    • Dear Nicola,

      Unfortunately, we do not have any yearbooks from McKinley Grammar School. We may have a few class photos from that period, but typically the classmate names are not listed. What last name are you looking for? Please leave the name and your contact information on our phone line (which during the storms has been out of order, but you can try) 650-340-9960

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