Our Book

B'game bookOur Book. It’s a great read and a fundraiser too!

Now is your chance to enjoy a beautifully produced and written coffee table–style book all about the development of Burlingame, California. It’s a decade-by-decade look at Burlingame and at the issues surrounding its development within the context of national events. You’ll find it fascinating, and it will add interest to any library, office, living room, or parlor.

When you contact us directly for your copy, every sale helps support the mission of the Burlingame Historical Society. The volume is available at The Studio Shop at 244 Primrose Road 650-344-1378, and Nuts For Candy at 1241 Broadway 650-343-8758, in Burlingame, and at the Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum – 290 California Drive (during Museum opening days, first Sunday of the month, excluding July.

Our book will be available at the above locations, as well as in the museum for $50. PLEASE NOTE: CASH OR CHECK, ONLY!

If you are having trouble locating a copy, please contact the Burlingame Historical Society and we will help you find one.