Passport Program

passport tour #4

Students enjoy a Passport Tour

The Passport Program is part of the Burlingame Historical Society’s Community Education program for local children in the third grade. The state curriculum requires children to learn local history at that grade level. Started in 2001 as a pilot project at Washington School the Passport Program has now been expanded to all elementary and private schools in Burlingame. The program is provided free to the schools.

The Passport Program is a hands-on experience and provides interesting stories about Burlingame’s past for the children, their parents, and their teachers to enjoy. Each student, parent, and teacher is furnished with a printed “passport” that lists 24 historical sites or pieces of history in Burlingame and multiple-choice questions. During a two-hour walking tour the children fill out the passports and answer the questions within the passport. At the end, the participants get a sticker that designates them as official junior historians. Burlingame Historical Society docents, parents, teachers, and special guests are all involved in providing questions and historical anecdotes during the tour.

Due to the nature of the program, passports are only available to participating third-grade children and their parents, teachers, and tour special guests. The BHS requires a 30-day advance sign-up so that passports can be prepared for the children.

We are grateful to the Burlingame Lion’s Club, Crystal Springs, Poplar Creek Golf Course, Jerry Coleman (Anson Burlingame), and Jill Lauder (Julius E. Kruttschnitt palm historian) for their help.

This program has been a great way to reach a lot of children and their parents. The Burlingame Historical Society has created a program that promotes our special town to our most important asset—our children.

If you are a third-grade educator in Burlingame’s schools, please contact the Burlingame Historical Society to schedule a Passport Tour. The tours generally take place during the latter part of the school year.